BOOK Foreword

Book cover #1Any law enforcement officer who reads this book on “Motivational Interviewing” will find him/herself in a win-win situation.  The book is a quick read and will motivate the reader to peruse the material quickly in order to get to the end where there are examples to assist in the implementation of “Motivational Interviewing” (MI). Although the book is geared towards campus police officers the material and concept is beneficial to all law enforcement. If one considers the situation now involving law enforcement personnel and the public, an officer would be truly missing a chance to not only defuse a potential physical situation but also develop new and improved lines of communication with the public (albeit one at a time!) An officer can never have too many “sources of information” on the street and this book will help the officer in developing and maintaining those contacts. The public can/will develop an enhanced and positive image of law enforcement if MI is tried at an appropriate time and then followed up on. I commend the author for promoting this concept. After all  as he says “you can always do police work” but if the timing is appropriate and the subject is rational then the officer can use MI to his/her advantage and not only assist an individual in time of potential arrest but also develop the  sources of information for the future.

-Terry Lucas

Terry Lucas is a 43 year veteran of state and federal law enforcement who also enjoyed a 28 year career as an officer in the US Army and the Illinois National Guard.  Lucas served with the US Department of Justice throughout the nation and also volunteered to serve with a small Department of Justice mission in Iraq which assisted in the trial of Sadaam Hussein.  Lucas currently serves on the Executive Board of the FBI National Academy Association as the National Historian.

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