Current Workshops Offered

Motivational Interviewing for Police – One Day Workshop

In a one day MI training, participants are introduced to the main concepts and techniques of MI. In addition, they are given an opportunity to practice MI with the support and supervision of the trainer. Request more info here

Motivational Interviewing for Police – Two Day Workshop

During a two day MI training, participants are given a thorough introduction to the theory, concepts and techniques of MI. They are then provided an opportunity to practice MI both in small groups and individually. The training also offer participants opportunities to practice the MI skills they have learned with actors trained to portray students. Request more info here

Motivational Interviewing for Police Champion Training – 2.5 Day Workshop

Being a MI Champion for your Agency. A champion is a practitioner that encourages co-workers to use new practices in an agency. This person does not have to be the most proficient in the use of the new method, but needs to be enthusiastic about its potential benefits. Recent research suggests that “champions” may positively influence the adoption and maintenance of MI skills within an agency. This workshop will train practitioners in techniques and help create a plan for champion activities in their agency. Trainers provide champions with follow-up consultation as part of this training course. The first two days of this workshop include the standard two day MI workshop. Request more info here

Social Media Community Building for Police – 1 Day Workshop

Community Policing is a key strategy for success in policing any community. The rapid growth of social media has created the opportunity to expand the reach of community policing efforts. In this workshop we will share strategies to proactively build friendly and engaging online communities, increase the reach and improve any departments public reputation. The training will present real life examples from developing and implementing a social media strategy for a small police department and for a state wide agency. Request more info here

Controlled Party Dispersal – 1 Day Workshop

This workshop discusses the role of enforcement and community agencies in preventing underage drinking parties and safely dispersing them when they do occur. This workshop examines not only the mechanics of successful controlled party dispersal operations, but also how controlled party dispersal is part of a larger effort to focus investigations, change community perceptions and promote joint law enforcement and community efforts.  This workshop includes information on conducting controlled party dispersal operations, legal strategies, marketing and media and police – community roles and relationships. Request more info here


***Ongoing Consultation/Supervision
 – Once a participant is trained in a workshop, I am available for advanced MI training and/or ongoing individual supervision or agency consultation.

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