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"Motivational Interviewing for Campus Police"

The BENEFITS of using Motivational Interviewing

  • Use an evidence based and proven communication method.
  • Receive fewer calls for service related to alcohol/drug use.
  • Increase student satisfaction with your Police Department.
  • Embrace diversity, incorporate cultural knowledge, and value difference.
  • Use a student centered approach to policing on campus.

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Bradley C.

"Mr. Closson introduces motivational interviewing, which is a tried-and-true substance-abuse intervention method, to police officers as an additional technique for interacting with students who drink and use drugs. I recommend all campus police chiefs and officers to read this book and to seek training from motivational interviewing professionals."

Chase S.

"Mr. Closson hits the nail on the head. This is a fantastic example of how to approach law enforcement as a whole. This book truly applies to all facets of law enforcement and beyond."

Jim C.

"It's a treasure and a book that all areas of law enforcement can pull from. Good piece of work. Looking forward to your next book."

Ryan S.

"I really enjoyed the book. I was utilizing parts of M.I. and didn't even realize it until I read the book. Now, I can evaluate the ways that I was using it before and expand on that to make my interactions with students a lot more positive and effective."