Motivational Interviewing for Campus Police

Looking to lower alcohol and drug related crime? Have positive and collaborative interactions with students on campus? Or engage diverse students and incorporate new cultural knowledge?

Then this book is just for you. 

This book contains the exact methods and skills needed to use motivational interviewing on patrol. The author shares practical examples of how he uses motivational interviewing (MI) on college campuses across the country.

Think of this book as your jump start to MI!

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As Seen At...

NASPA Strategies: AOD Conference, 2016

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

National Meeting, 2016

The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery

Meeting of the Minds, 2016

Missouri Partners in Prevention


P.O.P. Conference, 2016 

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institute

IACLEA Annual Conference, 2016

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators  

CUPIC Conference, 2016

College and University Police Investigators Conference, George Mason University


Motivational Interviewing for Camps Police contains everything you want to know about effectively engaging students in a positive and collaborative conversation.

Advice Giving

Motivational Interviewing has outperformed traditional advice giving by 80%.

Resident Satisfaction

Motivational Interviewing has shown a 15% increase in student satisfaction with staff.


In one study, the amount billed to students for vandalism/room damage decreased by 59% as a result of motivational interviewing!

Embrace Diversity

The MI style values diversity, acquires and incorporates cultural knowledge, adapts to diversity and the cultural contexts of the individuals you serve.


“I really enjoyed the book. I was utilizing parts of M.I. and didn’t even realize it until I read the book. Now, I can evaluate the ways that I was using it before and expand on that to make my interactions with students a lot more positive and effective.”
Ryan S.

“Mr. Closson introduces motivational interviewing, which is a tried-and-true substance-abuse intervention method, to police officers as an additional technique for interacting with students who drink and use drugs. I recommend all campus police chiefs and officers to read this book and to seek training from motivational interviewing professional.”

Bradley C.

“A great book on a technique/concept, has great application to the arena of law enforcement, probation, and/or corrections. This is a must read for any officer familiar with verbal judo, community policing, drug courts, etc.”

Eric D.

“Mr. Closson hits the nail on the head. This is a fantastic example of how to approach law enforcement as a whole. This book truly applies to all facets of law enforcement and beyond.”

Jim C.

A Book For All Skill Levels

Motivational Interviewing for Campus Police consists of practical information for officers of all skill levels whether you've been an officer for years or if you just started. This book will benefit you and dramatically improve your interactions with college students.

A Book Based On Facts

This book was written based off cold, hard facts. This method wasn't created on a whim. The information in this book is based on years of research conducted by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of motivational interviewing with college students. The author provides real life examples of campus police using motivational interviewing on patrol. 

A Word From The Author

"I love using motivational interviewing. I love seeing the positive impact and change it creates in both student's and officer's lives. Campus police already have the skills needed; by simply refocusing those skills they can completely change their impact."

Dave Closson

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Interested in Advanced Motivational Interviewing Training?

The author does provide both in-person and online advanced motivational interviewing training. If you would like more information regarding training please email Dave Closson here.